Enerpat Group UK Ltd

- Model EPB500 - Plastic Balers



Ideal for volume reduction of PET bottles, HDPE jars, plastic. Auto ejecting bale system. Liquid draining device. Open the door, electric shutted off. 24V control plate. Heavy duty pressing platen. Robust building. CE certificate.

Power Pack

  • Pump: Rated Displacement: 63ml/r
  • Motor: Rated Power :15kw

Main Technical Specifications

  • Bale Size: 1200×800mm
  • Bale Weight: 350-450kgs
  • Press Force: 50tons
  • Power Supply : 415V/25/16A
  • Frequency: 50HZ
  • Noise Level: 68-70db
  • Filling Opening: 1200×600mm

Dimensions and Shipping

  • Overall Length: 1500mm
  • Overall Width: 1000mm
  • Overall Height: 2400mm
  • Shipping Weight: 4200kgs
  • Container Loading: 1×20”Gp

Service Capacities

  • Gear Box Tank: 150Liter
  • Gear Oil: U.S Mobil D.T.E46

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