- Model HBA100-110110 - Automatic Horizontal Baling Press Machine



Our automatic horizontal baling press machine  are an automated version of our horizontal balers, able to process high volumes of recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard and plastics, ideal for companies with a large amount of daily waste to handle. Materials are pressed into stable, high-density bales by ourautomatic horizontal baling press machine , which are easy and safe to stack, requiring less storage space. The length and weight of bales is selectable, with bales being tied automatically when the selected length is reached.

Our fully automatic horizontal balers are CE marked and designed with customer requirements in mind, making your waste management a simple and cost efficient process.

Enerpat Direct supply a full range of automatic horizontal baling press machine  to handle all the standard materials such as cardboard, soft plastics (shrink-wrap, plastic sheeting), PET bottles as well as hard plastics, aluminium and steel cans and even difficult materials such as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel).

Fully automatic balers are required when a throughput over 2 tonnes per hour is needed. Tying-off of bales is carried out automatically.

Power Pack

  • Pump: Rated Displacement: 160ml/r
  • Motor: Rated Power :30/40/52kw

Main Technical Specification

  • Bale Weight: 800kgs
  • Bale Size(W×H): 1100×800mm
  • Press Force: 100tons
  • Power Require: 415V/25/16A
  • Noise Level: 68-70db
  • Throughput: 6.0-8.0tons/hour
  • Frequency 50Hz


  • Overall Length: 8990mm
  • Overall Width: 4200mm
  • Overall Height: 4000mm
  • Shipping Weight: 14000kgs
  • Container Loading: 2×40”Gp

Service Capacities

  • Oil Tank: 1500 Liter
  • Hydraulic Oil: U.S Mobil         D.T.E46

  • Carboard
  • Paper
  • Carton
  • Box
  • OCC
  • ONP
  • OMG
  • Fibers
  • Tire
  • Plastic Bottle
  • Plastic Film

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