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- Model MSB-55 - Tyre Shredder

Applications Aluminium Cans&Bottles Cardboard Corrugated Carpet Cartons,Cores&Tubes Documents Printing Waste Plastics Drum Organic Waste Plastics Recycling Equipment Descriptions And Images This kind Two Shafts Shredder sery is used to shered many kinds of waste ,such as the carpet and textile,hard drives,mixed waste,medical Scraps,elecronic scraps,computer disks,telephones,fax,ketboard and so on. This machine is a powerful man with high shred force,but it has four wheels,so we can move it easily.The blades are made of alloy steel.If the shredder is blocked with big scrap metals,the shredder will stop working.And this shredder is an expert in recovering base metals such as aluminium,copper,zinc and steel.Besides,it is good at processing high volumes of electric waste efficiently. This sery is equipped with automatic overload protection and it is strong enough due to its German made parts,it is a robust building.

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