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- Model VB-63 - Vertical Scrap Baler (500-550Kgs)



The VB-63 is the 63 tons pressing force baler, which used for compacting waste cardboard, carton, plastic bag, plastic bottles, aluminum into density bales, .the bale weight is 500kgs.the baler comes the 15kw motor and high pressure hydraulic pump. the lifting feeding door makes the feeding waste job easily. we sold more than 100 units in the past 5 years and get very good reputation from our customers.

Power Pack

  • Pump: Rated Displacement: 63ml/r
  • Motor: Rated Power: 15kw

Main Technical Specifications

  • Bale Size: 1120×960mm
  • Bale Weight ( Cardboard): 500-550kgs
  • Bale Weight (Plastic): 545-595Kgs
  • Press Force: 63tons
  • Power Supply: 415V/25/16A
  • Cycle Time: 50 Seconds
  • Noise Level: 68-70db
  • Filling Opening: 1120×700mm

Dimensions and Shipping

  • Overall Length: 1830mm
  • Overal: 1420mm
  • Overall Height: 3700mm
  • Shipping Weight: 4.5Tons
  • Container Loading: 1×20'Gp

Service Capacities

  • Oil Tank: 160Liter
  • Gear Oil: U.S Mobil D.T.E46

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