Enerpat Group UK Ltd

- Model EMCB5300 - Waste Car Body Compactor


The EMCB( Enerpat Moble Car Baler) is one high quality and reliable baler machine for baling scrap car into density bales.The bale length is 2 meters,the width is 1100 mm,the height is 600 mm.the car baler comes with 5300 mm length pressing chamber.loading the scrap car into the pressing chamber easily for fast pressing.the grab which can lift max 2 tons weight scrap metals.machine comes with USA brand Cummins diesel engine for 120KW.

Model: EMCB-5300

  • Power Supply: Cummins Diesel Engine
  • Motor Power (kW): 120
  • Noise Level(dB): 65-68
  • Empty Cycle Time(S): 120
  • Pressing Chamber LxW(mm): 5300 x 3078x1110
  • Pressing Force: 250Tons
  • Pump(ml/r): 375
  • Oil Volume (l): 1200
  • Oil Type: ISO NO 46
  • Machine Length(mm): 12400
  • Machine Width(mm): 3776
  • Machine Height(mm): 2050
  • Machine Weight (t): 50

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