ENEXIO Water Technologies GmbH

- Sedimentation Tank SKS

SKS lamella clarifiers are compact, ready-to-connect units for the separation of solids from liquids. They work according to the tried-and-tested counter-flow principle. Thanks to our TUBEdek® lamella packs, the removal efficiency of the SKS separators is extremely high. The individual SKS lamella clarifiers modules with sedimentation surfaces from 18 m2 to 33 m2 can easily be connected in series and/or parallel to fulfill a wide variety of sedimentation tasks. The SKS consists of a rectangular container with a bottom hopper as sludge collection tank. The container is equipped with TUBEdek® modules for sedimentation and drain channels or pipes for the clear water as well as flanges for the inlet, outlet and sludge drainage. The dimensions of the SKS lamella clarifier are optimized so that it can be transported effortlessly on a truck, in a lying position, or in a container. The SK separators are equippedwith lifting eyes that allow unloading and setting up with the aid of a crane.