EnSolve Biosystems, Inc.

- Aqueous-Based Degreaser and Hydrocarbon Degrader


GreaseFeast Plus! is a multi-purpose liquid detergent designed for industrial and shop use. It is a unique and effective cleanser that uses the combined actions of powerful, environmentally friendly detergents with naturally occurring bacteria to dissolve and biologically consume grease and oils. Unlike caustic chemicals or dangerous solvents, GreaseFeast Plus! will not damage metal, plastic parts or electrical insulation. Use it on the toughest grease and heavy oil buildups

  • Extremely Powerful Cleaner
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Biodegradable
  • Natural Microbes Consume Grease and Oil

  • Effective - A strong, biodegradable cleanser that cleans oil, grease and sludge from hard surfaces, including concrete, metals, equipment, wells and pits.
  • Safe - A non-toxic, pH neutral cleanser that is safe for humans and the environment. The product does not contain dangerous caustic chemicals and will not damage metal or plastic parts.
  • Versatile - GreaseFeast is effective against a wide range of greases, oils and sludge on a variety of surfaces.
  • Cost Effective - GreaseFeast is less expensive than solvent-based cleaners and is concentrated for light to heavy soil removal applications.

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