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- Model FlowTex™ - 2nd Gen Disc Filter



FlowTex is a user-friendly, high-performance, tertiary filter suitable for both small and large flow applications. The FlowTex design incorporates a fixed disk with a rotating vacuum head. This outside-to-inside flow ensures that solids stay trapped within the basin and the stationary disc offers a visual check for clarity of the effluent. The FlowTex system is a low-cost option for use in a wide variety of applications and configurations.

Ease of installation and maintenance

Each disc can easily be replaced. The FlowTex filter system is a complete, factory-built and pre-fabricated system, shipped to site, and ready to be placed into the owner’s excavation site.

The FlowTex Advantage

  • An option for plants with smaller flows or space limitations.
  • Has polishing capabilities that capture solids as small as 10 micron.
  • TSS < 5 mg/L
  • NTU < 2
  • Title 22 approved.

  1. Overhauled Disc Design
      • Only One Disc Segment per Disc
      • Easier to Remove Discs (Twice as Fast)
      • Eliminates Trough on One Side
      • Reduced Spacing between Individual Discs
      • No need for dual side access, so can be installed against a wall
  2. Completely Redesigned Vacuum Assembly
      • Made of Long Lasting UHMW for Reduced Wear
  3. Simpler & More Durable Tensioning System
      • Sturdy Adjustable Set Screw
  4. Reengineered Tank Design
      • Integrated Automatic Pump Priming
      • Eliminate Loss of Prime on Backwash Pump
      • Reduce User Error due to Required Manual Priming
  5. Optional PEAK Integration
      • Monitor All Aspects of System Remotely, including Equipment Statuses, Water Quality, Flow Rate & More.
      • Receive Equipment Service Suggestions Automatically
      • Automatically Receive Performance Optimization Suggestions from ENTEX Engineers

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