- Model AC32E - E-Series - NO, NO2, NOx & NH3 Analyzer



QAL1 certified by the TÜV, the AC32e offers superior metrological performances for NO, NO2 and NOx measurements in the range 0-1 ppm or 0-10 ppm. Innovative conception for excellent sensitivity and signal stability Simultaneous multi-screen remote access via Wifi or Lan using the dedicated application ESA ConnectTM for control, diagnostics, software update.

  • ESA Connect application for iOS and Android available for free download here
  • Real-time calibration graph, animated synoptic, auto-diagnostic, control and maintenance data screens can be displayed while the instrument is operating
  • Service assistant inside: detects early signs of trouble, allows predictive maintenance, identifies the service needed and guides the service operations step by step: increased productivity on site, reduced downtime, more efficiency, less training
  • QAL 1 certified for the monitoring of NO, NO2and NOx

  • Continuous indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring
  • Stationary and mobile AQMS laboratories
  • Industrial fence-line monitoring
  • Continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) by dilution
  • Background (urban or suburban), Rural, Traffic, Kerbside measurement campaigns and monitoring studies
  • Laboratory and field studies on pollution effects...

  • Includes embedded Communication Protocol for XR Management Software with automatic recognition and configuration
  • Ultra low power consumption, means environment-friendly and cost-saving analyzer
  • Breakthrough mechanical design for weight and power saving as well as thermal insulation & reliability
  • Automatic recognition of plugged electronic boards or optional devices: plug and play principle
  • SmartStatusLight power button on the front panel indicating if the instrument is ready to use or not (ON/OFF, Alarm, Maintenance required…)

Benefits from the E-Series Advantages:

  • Environmental friendly:
  • Sustainable eco-design
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Over 95% of the analyzer can be recycled
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • No use of heavy metals (eg. Mercury)
  • Long lifespan, excellent accuracy
  • Reliable electronics
  • Economic, Easy and reduced maintenance
  • Common electronic boards: optimized spare parts stock
  • Service Assistant inside
  • Interactivity: connected instruments.

  • Measurement Range: 0-1 ppm or 0-10 ppm, user selectable and programmable
  • Detection limit (2sigma): < 0.2 ppb
  • Noise: < 0.1 ppb
  • Zero drift: < 1 ppb/24h
  • Span drift: < 1ppb/7 days
  • Response time: automatic and/or programmable (min 40 sec)
  • Linearity: 1%
  • Repeatability: 1%
  • Sample flow-rate: 0.66 l/min (1l/min with dryer)
  • Chambre pressure: 200 hPa absolute
  • NOx converter: Molybdenium, regulated at 340°C
  • Ozone scrubber: heated catalytic
  • P.M temperature: controlled at 0°C
  • Reaction chamber temperature: 60°C
  • External sampling pump
  • Data storage: 1 year (1 minute data)
  • Ethernet network connection (RJ45), 3 x USB ports, 2 dry contacts outputs included
  • Integrated web-server with full remote emulation of the analyzer
  • Dimensions (mm, LxWxH): 483x545x133
  • Chassis: 19’’ rack, 3U
  • Weight: 10 kg (22 lbs) without external pump
  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C
  • Power supply: 115 V, 60 Hz - 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 160 VA (average) 250 VA (peak)

Main Options:

  • 7’’ TFT colour touch screen
  • WiFi module (in standard with the no-screen version)
  • Serial interface (via USB port)
  • NO2 permeation bench and filter valve block for calibration control
  • NH3 monitoring module
  • Sample dryer
  • External opto-isolated I/O interface with:
  • 4 independent analog inputs
  • 4 independent analog outputs
  • 4 remote control inputs
  • 6 dry contacts outputs

  • COMPLIANCE WITH: ISO 7996, EN 14211 (2012), EN 15267 (2009), 40 CFR PART 53 SUB B and SUB C and 40 CFR PART 58
  • QAL 1 Certified by the TÜV, Certificate N° 0000053805
  • US EPA approved asnew Standard Reference Method for measuring concentrations of NO2 in ambient air. This designation is made under the provisions of 40 CFR part 53, as amended on October 26, 2015 (80 FR 65291–65468). The formal designation number for the AC32e and AC32* is RFNA-0118-249, published in the Federal Register.

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