- Model MIR 9000CLD - Multi-Gas IR-GFC & CLD Analyzer



MIR 9000 is a multi-gas Non Dispersive Infra-Red analyzer, using the Gas Filter Correlation technique (GFC). MIR 9000 CLD includes a built-in chemiluminescence module for the measurement of low to ultra-low concentration of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and a paramagnetic sensor for O2 measurements. Unique : 20 mg/Nm3 QAL1 certified range.

Available in 2 versions:

• NOx (CLD) and O2 (Paramagnetic) in 19’’ Rack or Tight box
• CO, CO2, SO2, HCl, HF, TOC, N2O (IR) + NOx (CLD) + O2 (Paramagnetic) in Tight box

  • Over 2500 installations worldwide, covering many applications and industries
  • Designed to measure dry and corrosive sample
  • Measures from 1 to 10 gases simultaneously
  • Built-in data logger for 7 additional parameters (flow, pressure, temperature or any other analogue input)
  • Real time graphic display

  • Cogeneration, Gas Turbines
  • Industrial Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Power & Combustion

The MIR 9000CLD uses the chemiluminescence detection principle which is the most selective method for the measurement of NOx in the low to ultra-low concentration. It allows the MIR 9000CLD to offer the lowest QAL1 certified range of the CEMS market. MIR 9000CLD offers high performance for NOx measurements, including O2 by paramagnetic sensor.

  • Interactive menu-driven software allowing ease of operation
  • Unheated sample line thanks to the permeation drying technology
  • Concentrations measured and expressed on a dry sample
  • On-board oxygen measure for environmental reporting
  • Automatic cross interference correction
  • Highly accurate, excellent stability with automatic optical stability check
  • Intrinsic security with on-board residual H2O measurement
  • Unique : 20 mg/Nm3 QAL1 certified range.

  • Repeatability:
  • Zero drift:
  • Span drift: < 1% F.S. / 7 days
  • Linearity: < 1% F.S.
  • Power supply: 80 - 230V, 50-60 Hz
  • Consumption: 300 VA
  • Serial link: RS232, RS 422
  • Operating temperature: +5 °C to +40 °C
  • Version with CLD (tight box): Dim.: 200x600x600 mm (DxWxH), Weight: 32 Kg
  • Version without CLD (tight box): Dim.: 200x400x600 mm (DxWxH), Weight: 24 Kg
  • Version without IR (rack 19’’): Dim.: 490x483x177 mm (DxWxH), Weight: 14 Kg
  • Communication: TCP IP, USB

Main options:

  • Pressure, temperature & gas velocity measurements (DTP )
  • SEC BOX ® sampling system (permeation based)
  • Analog outputs : 0/10V - 0/4-20 mA programmable
  • Rack cabinet, cubicle or shelter integration
  • Dryer MDS
  • O2, measurement by built-in paramagnetic cell, full scale: 0-25%
  • TIG calibration / back flush module
  • Multiplexing system MVS
  • CEMS software WEX™
  • Special option for the rack version : CO2 measurement module (range 0 - 2000 mg/m3)

  • Compliance with LCPD and WID applications
  • TÜV certified to EN15267-3
  • MCERTs certified to EN15267-3
  • QAL1 as defined by EN14181
  • QAL3 compliance to EN14181
  • U.S. EPA 40 CFR 60 and 75 Compliant

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