- Model Graphite 52M - VOC - THC - CH4 Heated Flame Ionization Detection (FID) Analyzer


One of the sole QAL 1 certified FID analyzers on the market, also available in a transportable version for the measurement of: THC or simultaneous THC, nmHC & CH4. Perfactly suited to continuously monitor COV removal systems efficiency in all type of industry.

Utilizes Flame Ionization Detection (FID), the most sensitive and widely used technology for the measurement of: Total hydrocarbons (THC) / Non-methanic Hydrocarbons (NmHC) / Methane (CH4)

Available in 2 versions:

  • GRAPHITE 52M-S : THC monitoring
  • GRAPHITE 52M-D : THC, NmVOC & CH4 simultaneous monitoring

  • All elements in contact with the sample from its extraction to the analysis are heated
  • Adapted for checking the efficiency of a treatment process (upstream / downstream)
  • Integrated zero air generator with catalyzer
  • Up to 191°C heated detector for high concentration HC measurement
  • Fuel used: mixture of H2 & He or pure H2 (optional)
  • Fast response time, perfectly suited for wet and corrosive sample measurements
  • High accuracy, sensitivity and stability
  • User adjustable response time and averaging time
  • Real time calibration graph
  • High efficiency long-life catalyst
  • Internal zero and air scrubber
  • Graphic LCD Display with interactive menu driven software and enhanced speed display
  • AK protocol communication (RS232 / RJ45), built-in Ethernet TCP/IP connection, USB port for remote control and serial interface RS 232
  • Complies with EN 12619 & EN 13 526 standards for emissions monitoring and CFR 40 1065 (US EPA) for engine emission testing of hydrocarbons

  • Compliance & process monitoring
  • Engine exhaust gas & automotive emission testing
  • Stack Monitoring
  • Monitoring effluent of volatile organic compound (VOC) reduction equipment for:
  • Environmental compliance
  • Efficiency control of incinerators (Thermal or catalytic)
  • Carbon absorbers
  • Monitoring of catalytic converters
  • Combustion and diesel engine efficiency
  • Scrubbers

Measurable parameters

  • Pollutant: Range (ppb)
  • CH4: 0-10 / 10000
  • THC: 0-10 / 10000

Lowest / Highest available ranges expressed in mg/m3 (may vary with your site conditions to be indicated on the Site Survey Form)

Technical Specifications

  • QAL1 to EN 15267-3 certified: YES
  • US EPA compliance: YES
  • Sampling technology: Hot/Wet Extraction
  • Sample transfert: 180°C heated sampling line
  • back flush function: YES
  • span injection: YES on analyser or at sample point
  • Built-In O2 option: NO
  • Serial link communication: RS232 / RS422
  • Other Communication: Ethernet
  • Analogue OUTPUTS: Optional
  • Analogue INPUTS: NO
  • Dimensions (mm): 19” rack: 483 x 470 x 177 (L x W x H)

Compliance with IED 2010 Applications

  • QAL 1 certified by the TÜV and the MCERTs to EN 15267-3
  • U.S. EPA approved as compliant with CFR 40-1065

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