- Model Stackflow 400 - Flue Gas Flow Measurement System



The PCME STACKFLOW 400 provides high quality and reliable continuous Flow Rate monitoring for industrial stacks for process control, regulatory flow rate and mass emission reporting (kg/year).  The instrument is an ultrasonic probe which utilises PCME’s unique FlueSonicTM technology and mathematical measurement algorithm (patent pending).

The STACKFLOW 400 provides:

  • An extended measurement path of 400mm on a 1.4m probe design
  • Single point monitoring to stack
  • Capability to deal with flow profiles across the extended measurement path
  • Tolerance to contamination and flow eddies

The PCME STACKFLOW 400 provides a complete solution for flow measurement according to EN 14181 and EN 16911-2.

PCME Stackflow 400 Sensor

  • Certification: QAL1 approved to EN 16911-2 and EN 15267-3
  • Automated QAL3 checks: In-built reference materials (for QAL3) saving the need for manual checks
  • Representative Measurement: Extended probe design with measurement path of 400mm on the end of a 1.4m probe and adjustable flange for fine tuning to where flow profile is more representative
  • FlueSonic higher accuracy: Unique FlueSonic technology giving higher accuracy over flue gas velocities 0-50 m/s and flue gas temperatures -20oC to 200oC
  • Tolerant to contamination: Air purge not required to prevent dust contamination with flue gas above dewpoint or dust ‹ 1000 mg/m3
  • Multi-sensor networked system: The system can be configured as a large multi-sensor networked system (up to 16 sensors) for multi-stack and plant-wide monitoring
  • Easy integration to existing CEMS: The sensor can be easily fitted to existing gas and dust monitoring systems.  Mass emission monitoring and calculation of particulate releases (when combined with PCME MultiController and dust monitor or plant PLC/SCADA) systems
  • Secure emissions reporting: Secure emissions reporting and QAL3 analysis via the use of PC-ME Dust Tools PC software option.  Statistical treatment of zero and span results demonstrates instrument operation to defined specifications (uncertainty)
  • Easy installation: Single stack mounting flange without the need for additional stack access at different levels or installation of cross-stack ultrasonic instruments.  The angled probe version can be supplied to fit existing perpendicular ports without the need to fit new angled port and standoff.

Stackflow 400 Controllers

  • Advanced functionality:
    • Graphical display and recording of velocity, temperature, flow rate and QAL3 results and trends
    • Mass emission calculations
    • Secure emissions reporting and QAL3 analysis via the use of PC-ME Dust Tools
    • Sensor set-up and configuration capability
    • Easy integration with dust monitors for mass emission calculation and reporting
    • Industrial communications (Ethernet, Modbus, 4-2mA output/input, alarm relays, output/input)
    • Multilingual, menu-driven display and inbuilt data logging for recording measured values and internal diagnostic parameters

Typical Applications

  • Stack velocity, volumetric flow and pollutant mass release calculations achievable when linked to gas and dust CEMS in the following applications:
    • Waste to Energy and Incineration Plant
    • Emissions from Steel, Chemical and Mineral processing applications
    • Gas Turbines and Coal-fired power plant
    • Industrial stacks (before or after final arrestment plant)
  • Variable speed fans on dust arrestment plant


  • Approvals: QAL1 Approved to EN 16911-2 by TUV/MCERTS
  • Gas Velocity:
    • ±(0-50) m/s
    • ±(0-30) m/s (Certification Range)
    • Resolution: 0.1 m/s
  • Minimum Detection Velocity: 0.0 m/s
  • Measurement Type: FlueSonicTM(patented Ultrasonic transit time algorithm)
  • Measurement Path Length: 400 mm
  • Stack Diameter: ≥ 0.5m
  • Stack Pressure: ±100 mbar
  • Stack Temperature: -20°C - 200°C
  • Ambient Temperature: -20°C - 50°C
  • Probe Insertion Length: up to 1.4m

Straight Sensor

  • Installation angle: approxmately 45° to stack wall
  • Flange: 3' ANSI/DN80 PN10/PN16 DN40  PN6 (option)
  • Sensor Options: Horizontal stack orientation, Vertical stack orientation
  • Maximum Insertion Length into Stack: 1400mm

Angled Sensor

  • Installation Angle: 90° to stack wall
  • Flange: 3' ANSI/DN80 PN10/PN16 DN40 PN6 (option) 4' BSP Adaptor (option)
  • Sensor Options: Horizontal stack orientation, Vertical stack orientation
  • Maximum Insertion length into stack: 800mm

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