- Model EMS2 AeroSil - ENVICON membrane disc diffuser EMS 12" (330 mm)

ENVICON membrane disc diffusers are quality products from Germany. They offer a long service life and durable, cost-effective operation of aeration systems. The Disc diffuser EMS1 AeroSil has an outstanding, plasticiser-free silicone membrane which is resistant to many oils and greases and can be used at high wastewater and air temperatures. It is made and perforated in Germany. Its highly smooth surface makes it resistant to micro-biological growth and its metabolic products. The optimised, fine-bubble aeration ensures excellent oxygenation. Temperature-resistant up to 120°C. Standard connection is 1“ female thread. Other connections as 1” male, ¾” male and so on are available. Please contact us. The star-shaped fixation ring used to fasten the membrane can be reused several times and makes it possible to replace the membrane particularly quickly without tools. Here no additional spare parts are necessary on replacing the membrane, unlike for the stainless steel clamp.

Membrane: Silicone

Connection: 1' female (Standard) and others

Adapter EBA1: Square tube from 80 x 40 mm, Round tube DN50 to DN 150; oD63 to oD154

Bubble size: Fine bubble

Aeration: Intermittent and permanent

Country of origin: Germany

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