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- Dry Potassium Ferrate for Water Treatment



Potassium ferrate containing product (ferrate = iron in high oxidation state) having powerful oxidation properties coupled with coagulation and disinfection ability.

Potassium ferrate is usually produced through a wet synthesis or using an electrosynthesis where the equipment is exposed to aggressive conditions. Both methods use high concentration of hydroxides that are usually present in the final solution together with various salts. Moreover, ferrate solution is unstable due to high reactivity of the compound so it needs to be applied immediately after the synthesis.

Our ENVIFER is produced by unique method and delivered in form of dry powder which can be stored for a long time in absence of moisture. The product can be applied directly into contaminated water or a stock solution can be easily prepared. This approach does not require to purchase expensive equipment for ferrate production.

Reaction of ferrate is typically fast, producing non-toxic by-products. The stable decomposition product of ferrate is iron in either the +2 or +3 oxidation state, providing the coagulation function. Ferric and ferrous ions are used widely as coagulants to remove suspended solid from aqueous system.

ENVIFER is suitable for elimination of many organic and inorganic micro pollutants. The advantages are rapid reaction with contaminants and low reagent consumption. In addition, ferrates have also a disinfection capacity as they can easily reduce various microorganisms (Cryptoporidium, coliforms, salmonella, etc.).

Product features:

  • strong oxidation agent with disinfection properties,
  • rapid reaction with contaminants and low reagent consumption,
  • coagulation capacity,
  • elimination of Arsenic and other inorganic compounds,
  • degradation of many organic compounds.

Product availability: The product is available in order of hundreds of kilograms.

ENVIFER is distributed in plastic vials (30g samples), plastic bottles (500g, 1000g) and steel cans (5kg), packaged according to all legal requirements. 

Shelf-life: The product may be stored in original packaging for a long time in dry environment. Please avoid contact with water and humidity before use. Opening and closing of packaging leads to degradation of the product by reaction with humidity and carbon dioxide present in air. ENVIFER shelf-life at various conditions is currently tested in a long-term.

Shipping: The product is transportable by all means via road (ADR), rail (RID), sea (IMDG) and plane (IATA) according to international standards for shipping of dangerous goods.

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