- Ferrate Oxidant in Water and Wastewater Treatment

ENVIFER is a ferrate containing product (ferrate = iron in high oxidation state) having powerful oxidation capacity. This product is designed primary as oxidative technology for wastewater treatment.

Reaction of ferrate with pollutants is typically fast, producing non-toxic by-products. ENVIFER is suitable for elimination of arsenic, selenium and many organic compounds. Rapid reaction with contaminants and low reagent consumption is the advantage. In addition, ferrates have disinfection capacity, they can also easily reduce various microorganisms (Cryptoporidium, coliforms, salmonella, etc.).

Further, ENVIFER has coagulation capacity: The stable decomposition product of ferrate is iron in either the +2 or +3 oxidation state – non toxic by-products. Ferric and ferrous irons are used widely as coagulants to remove suspended solid from aqueous system.


ENVIFER is a brand new product which is currently undergoing intensive laboratory experiments.

  • strong oxidation agent with desinfection properties,
  • rapid reaction with contaminats and low reagent consumption,
  • coagulation capacity,
  • elimination of Arsenic and Selenium,
  • degradation of many organic compounds.

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