- Modular Plants for Water and Wastewater Treatment



Our modular plant systems for decentralised water conditioning, water recycling and wastewater treatment can be installed easily anywhere in the world.

Lower costs, greater flexibility and faster implementation: Compared with traditional, centralised plant solutions, modular decentralised plant solutions offer clear benefits. Engineers at EnviroChemie have therefore developed a stand-alone, modular system as part of a 'Blue Competence' product development. Here, modern technologies for water treatment are encapsulated into modules, which can be combined to match customer requirements. The fully prefabricated, ready-to-go EnviModules then only need to be connected on-site.

We address the various water and wastewater treatment challenges using our own proprietary Biomar® biological process, the physico-chemical processes Envochem®, Flomar®, E-Flo-Dr. Baer, Lugan® und Split-O-Mat®, as well as the membrane technology based Envopur® and FALK processes. Our engineers modified the construction of these processes for the EnviModules, so that they fit into pre-fabricated, high-quality housing modules and can be combined in many different ways to adapt to customer-specific needs. As a result, an EnviModul component replaces operational buildings constructed from steel and concrete, is semi-mobile, adaptable to different climatic conditions, as well as durable and visually attractive.

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