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- Model 35 Inch - Seaweed Barriers for Coastal Applications



Enviro-USA’s Trash & Debris barriers are perfect for containing and diverting Trash and Debris in Ports & Coastal applications. They are also very commonly used to prevent seaweed from coming onto beaches in private residences, resorts and hotels. Available in light duty or heavy duty for long term deployments. The skirt can consist of netting or solid PVC. “ENVIRO-USA Guarantees the Lowest Price in the USA”.

Enviro-USA’s 35” Seaweed barriers are perfect for containing & diverting trash and debris in Ports & Coastal Applications. They are used to keep seaweed from coming onto private beaches at residences, resorts & hotels. Please note that when installed at an angle it will deflect the trash/debris to a specific area to allow for easy removal.

Where are 35″ Seaweed Booms used? Typical applications are:

  • Ports
  • Coastal Applications
  • Private Beach
  • Resorts
  • Hotels

  • Seaweed Barriers are available in 25, 50 & 100 ft sections or any custom length up to 100’. Please note that numerous sections can easily & quickly be connected together.

  • Solid or Netting Skirt:  The skirt of this product can either be solid PVC or Netting.  A SOLID skirt is recommended when there’s trash suspended within the water and/or when some of the trash is smaller in size.  A NETTING skirt is recommended when there’s a need to allow small fish to swim through and/or the trash being collected is medium to large in size.
  • Skirt Depth:  The skirt of this product can be made to any depth desired or required for the application.
  • Short or Long Term Deployments:  Available in light duty or heavy duty for long term deployments. Light Duty is good if the barrier is only going to be used in short deployments and/or every once in a while such as in the rainy season or after a storm.  The Heavy Duty is recommended when the barrier will need to stay in the water 24/7 for years.

Trash/Debris Barriers are normally used by cities to keep waterways clean and free of trash.  In the USA the most common use is after a hurricane, storm or in the rainy season.  Trash/Debris barriers are normally installed across (at an angle) a river or waterway in order to deflect and collect any trash or debris that may be floating down the river after a storm. The barriers are normally installed a day or two after the storm and are removed a week or two later.  Enviro-USA’s Trash & Debris floating barriers assist in keeping our waterways clean and allows us to protect the environment.

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