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- Floating Towable Bladder in Water



Enviro-USA’s Floating Towable Bladders are primarily used in oil spills for the temporary storage of oil that has been recovered. They can be used on land or water and can also be used to transport recovered oil. When used in water they can be towed filled or empty. Can also be used to transport other liquids.

Enviro-USA Floating Towable Bladders include the following:

  • Heavy Duty Fabric
  • 2 each – fill/drain ports that include camlock fittings
  • Tow Bridles for towing – can be towed from either end
  • Closed cell floats in water tight pockets, along top of tank and at ends

Where are Floating Towable Bladders used? Recommended Applications are:

  • Oil Spills
  • Temporary Storage
  • Oil Recovery & Transport
  • Can be used for other liquids

Capacity: Our tanks available in the following capacities:

  • 500 US Gallons (1900 Litres)
  • 1000 US Gallons (3800 Litres)
  • 2000 US Gallons (7600 Liters
  • 3000 US Gallons (11400 Liters)

Fabrics: A wide range of fabrics are available to choose from. Fabrics available for temporary storage of oil, chemicals or potable water.

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