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Premier’s unique advantage of having its own raw materials mine and manufacturing facilities helps us to control the quality of our products and effectiveness of our products.  We have a highly technical advisory team and a state-of-the-art lab which enables us to develop innovative and waste-specific chemistries for maximum treatment and minimized cost.  You can depend on our client-based service and support from initial contact with EnviroBlend, throughout the duration of your project or usage.

EnviroBlend may be the right treatment for you if you are dealing with the following:

Do you have contaminated soils and/or groundwater?

  • Are you responsible for dealing with heavy metal contaminated soil or groundwater that is leaching above the regulatory standards (TCLP, SPLP, MEP)?
  • Are you looking to eliminate expensive hazardous waste disposal costs?
  • Are you looking to reduce your cost per treated ton?
  • Would you save significant money by eliminating transportation costs by leaving treated product in place?

Do you have heavy metal-bearing process waste and/or acid gas emissions?

  • Are your current waste streams being analyzed for potential hazardous contaminants or conditions (i.e. leaching of metals, pH, etc.)?
  • Is your project/facility located in an environmentally sensitive or public area? 
  • Is your emission particulate (wet scrubber sludge or baghouse dust) considered hazardous for heavy metals?
  • Is your facility under particular scrutiny by your state for being a Large Quantity Generator of Hazardous waste?

EnviroBlend is a line of treatment chemistries. It does not conceal metal contamination via encapsulation or solidification; rather, it stabilizes metals of concern by regulating pH and forming insoluble compounds that will not leach into the environment.  For acid gases, it helps to neutralize emissions to acceptable regulated levels. Each EnviroBlend chemistry is designed specifically for each individual application, so composition of blends can vary.

In addition to forming insoluble compounds, regulating the pH of the environment is key to controlling leachability over time. For example, lead leaches on a bell curve, at both high and low pHs. So in order to minimize leaching, the treatment additive should not drive up the pH too quickly or too high.

EnviroBlend uses products that will never bring the pH to a dangerous level. We are able to increase treatment efficiency by controlling pH accordingly.


Although lime-based treatment technologies (i.e. Portland Cement, CKD) can occasionally pass an initial TCLP test, actual long term treatment is at risk.  Once treated waste is exposed to the environment, a highly alkaline product such as Portland will continue to drive up the pH, often too quickly and irregularly. Because many metals will leach at low and high pHs (on a bell curve), a sudden increase in pH can cause metals to leach over time.  Therefore, pH maintenance is imperative to long-term stability.

The table below shows the effectiveness of the EnviroBlend chemistry resulting in the very low leaching in both the TCLP (acid) and SPLP 'Acid Rain' tests. Both the lime and Portland Cement treatments are able to sometimes beat the TCLP test at high dosages but they actually increase the amount of the lead leaching in the SPLP test.

Metals Industry Applications

EnviroBlend® continues to be the preferred reagent used in facilities dealing with heavy metal-contaminated industrial waste streams. We also have dual-action chemistries that provide solutions for acid gas stack emissions.

In today's regulatory environment, a facility cannot risk having problems with ineffective and inconsistent treatment. Our dedicated team is committed to making sure that clients are using the correct reagent and lowest-cost solution for meeting all regulatory treatment needs, with successful treatment passing TCLP, SPLP and MEP leaching standards.

Want to learn more about how Enviroblend can be your solution for long-term stability and serve as a total treatment solution?  Click here for a Cost Comparison Evaluation.

  • Typical industrial applications include:

  • Foundry operations (i.e. iron, steel, aluminum, brass, copper)

  • Battery manufacturing and recycling facilities

  • Primary and secondary smelting operations

  • Scrap processing and recycling facilities

  • Permitted Transport, Storage, and Disposal Facilities (TSDF)

  • EPA-listed KO61 steel mill waste (electric arc furnace dust)

  • Incinerator ash stabilization

  • Slag treatment


Typically EnviroBlend® reagents are applied in-line with a process stream to stabilize heavy metals, generally before a hazardous waste is generated. The process is typically exempt from RCRA permitting, and the resulting material can be disposed at a non-hazardous waste landfill. EnviroBlend can be applied into:

  • Dry Baghouses – i.e. to dry wastes such as emission control dusts
  • Wet Scrubber Systems – i.e. to filter or sludge dewatering unit
  • Tanks – i.e. post discharge containment units


EnviroBlend is used regularly in over 100 facilities across the US and internationally.  Some examples:

    • Ferrous Foundry - A large ductile iron pipe manufacturer is currently treating over 200 tons per month of cadmium and zinc-contaminated baghouse dust using one of our standard EnviroBlend treatment blends. They are applying the reagent through injection into their ductwork before the baghouse.

  • Brass Foundry - A non-ferrous foundry is treating lead contaminated waste with an EnviroBlend product at two different locations within their facility. Waste molding sand and dust is treated with the first system and dust collector fines on their shot blast machine is treated with the second system.

Remedial Applications

EnviroBlend® is a trusted name across the nation for heavy metals remediation in land and groundwater treatment applications. It has been used by a number of engineering and environmental consultants, contractors, and private owners on both large and small projects.

Because of its simplicity of use and the low dosage rates necessary, the resulting price per treated ton is economically competitive. Additionally, since EnviroBlend-treated material is commonly approved to be left on-site, costs associated with hauling waste to a landfill can be completely eliminated pending site-specific approval.

Want to learn more about how EnviroBlend can be your solution for long term stability and serve as a total treatment solution?  Click here for a Cost Comparison Evaluation.

EnviroBlend® has been used to treat soil, groundwater, slag, sludge, glass waste, wood and many other types of wastes. It has been approved by numerous federal and state regulatory programs and has helped companies successfully treat waste below TCLP, SPLP and MEP leaching standards.

Typical remedial applications include:

  • Brownfields
  • Federal and state Superfund sites
  • RCRA soil/sludge cleanup actions
  • Permitted Transport, Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDFs)
  • Mine tailings and leachate treatment
  • Shooting ranges
  • Former industrial sites
  • Slag disposal sites
  • State cleanups


EnviroBlend® chemicals can be mixed with soil, sludge, or other metal-bearing material either in-place or after the material is excavated. The waste needs only a good homogenous mix with the treatment reagent by whichever means is convenient based on site conditions.

There is no curing time and nothing needs to be added except the EnviroBlend itself. Contractors and consultants enjoy EnviroBlend’s ease of use since it saves on time and equipment costs. The stable, treated material can often be left on-site or disposed at a non-hazardous waste landfill. EnviroBlend can be applied:

  • In-Situ – i.e. excavators, deep soil augers, discs, and specialized mixing and dredging
  • Ex-Situ -  i.e. backhoes, front end loaders,  pug mills
  • Injection- i.e. applied in slurry form using a variety of methods of injection.


EnviroBlend® has been used on over 650 remedial sites throughout the United States and internationally to treat lead, cadmium, arsenic, hexavalent chromium and other metals in various waste matrices. It has been approved by dozens of state and federal regulatory programs.

Groundwater Applications

EnviroBlend AQ Products for Groundwater Treatment

EnviroBlend AQ products are the ideal choice for groundwater neutralization and metal precipitation. They provide numerous benefits ranging from significant cost savings to increased alkalinity maintenance over time. 

EnviroBlend AQ products are non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly alkali that can prove superior to its competition by:

  • Providing more neutralizing power per unit than either lime or caustic soda Typically 25%-60% less product is required to neutralize the same amount of acid.   
  • Provides longer-lasting alkalinity
  • Creating a homogenous pH environment that will not exceed 9.0. At this pH, dissociated hydroxide (OH-) become excellent sources of bioavailable, non-carbonate alkalinity
  • Removing transition metals ions in the form of insoluble metal hydroxides 
  • Being safer to handle, with minimal heat generation if slurrying on-site
  • Reducing labor costs and site time due to lower volumes necessary for neutralization

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