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The naturally occurring bacteria formulated in EnviroDEFENSE WasteWater Complete works by digesting organic waste materials to prevent malodorous conditions and sludge buildup. EnviroDEFENSE WasteWater Complete has also demonstrated great success in the degradation of many types of industrial wastes including surfactant, solvent and polymer residues, starch, cellulose and FOG’s. When added to a wastewater treatment system EnviroDEFENSE WasteWater Complete creates a chain reaction by producing greater and greater quantities of natural bacteria and enzymes which improves system efficiency over time.

  • Degrades Organic Compounds
  • Rapidly Reduces COD & BOD
  • Reduces Sludge Volume & Odor

Product Specifications: In addition to select strains of bacteria, WasteWater Complete contains the following enzymes for rapid degradation of waste:

  • Protease: Digestion of Protein.
  • Amylase: Digestion of Starch.
  • Cellulase: Digestion of Cellulosic Particles.
  • Lipase: Digestion of Fats & Oils.


Wastewater Treatment Routine Application:

Wastewater Treatment Start Up Application:

Parameters: For biology to work properly in any aquatic environment, certain water conditions must exist:

  • pH of the water maintained between 5.5 & 9.5.
  • Temperature of the water above 10°C (50°F).
  • Dissolved oxygen levels must be above 3 ppm.

Option: Item Number

  • (4B), 8 oz Water Soluble Bags, 25 lb: ED0100
  • (4B), Tablet, 25 lb: ED0101
  • (4B), Dry Bulk, 25 lb: ED0102

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