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Environmental Management Systems

An introduction to environmental management systems (EMS). An environmental management system (EMS) is a structured plan specifically designed and tailored to enable your business to identify, monitor and control the significant environmental inputs, processes, outputs and impacts you may be responsible for.

Without systematically managing your environmental obligations – be they legal, corporate sustainability or even internal policy obligations – your business can quickly become overwhelmed by an increasingly environmentally-conscious and fast-moving world.

Management systems can save your business considerable amounts of money by helping to increase overall business efficiency – while at the same time, ensuring you comply with the latest environmental legislation.

It’s not just about saving money and improving efficiency though, having an environmental management system can prove to your clients that you are committed to taking steps to meet your environmental responsibilities; especially if your business has its own environmental policy.

There’s no doubting that implementing a management system can be a daunting task for any company. However, Apollo Enviro can help you and your business work towards ISO14001, the international standard for environmental management systems an accreditation that shows your business is striving to become a greener organisation.

ISO14001 is a globally recognised framework designed to ensure continual improvement is achieved through careful management of the essential environmental elements for your business.

An ISO14001 accredited Environmental Management System will begin with an environmental policy outlining what your corporate attitudes and goals are towards the environment. Next, the objectives needed to achieve the goals set out in your environmental policy will be established and plan detailing the processes necessary to deliver these results will be formed.

Your business will then work towards implementing these processes and accomplishing the objectives initially set out.

Once the environmental management system has been established and accredited, practices to continually improve your performance and the performance of your environmental management system will be put into place.

With growing pressure being placed on many larger organisations to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility, now couldn’t be a better time to certify your organisation under ISO 14001.

Receiving certification to ISO14001 can offer a range of attractive benefits for your company. For example, the certification allows you to demonstrate:

  • A forward-thinking and green approach – Something you can really be proud of and that will impress current and future clients.
  • Your commitment to environmental best practice – Again, something your current and future clients will value.
  • Your commitment to meeting legal regulations and regulatory compliance – Something industry bodies and government will like to see.

Aside from these three key benefits, the certification to ISO 14001 also allows you to:

  • Boost your business reputation and brand image - Proudly displaying your certification will prove your company’s environmental credentials to both current and potential clients.
  • Reduce your business operational costs through improved consumption of energy and usage of natural resources Becoming greener and saving money for your business in the process.
  • Avoid unnecessary fines from regulatory bodies and reduce potential clean-up costs while potentially reducing public liability insurance costs Protecting your company from brand/image-damaging penalties.
  • Widen your scope when it comes to accessing new customers and business associates; as some large organisations and government departments may only deal with businesses that have an EMS.

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