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EnviroSep Model #MCP, Modular Chilled Water Plant, is a UL-Listed, factory engineered and manufactured Mechanical Room utilized in conventional building cooling systems which uses Chilled Water as the cooling medium. The Model MCP provides a Lower Cost alternative to site-built Central Plants while avoiding costly project delays. All components required to integrate a stand-alone Chiller Plant are included, eliminating site coordination, and negating start-up irregularities.

Being custom-engineered by EnviroSep, enables the owner to specify key components from a range of manufacturers that meet performance needs. EnviroSep factory service personnel, who have followed the project from inception, perform Site Start-up eliminating errors from multiple hand-offs.

The Model MCP is controlled by a non-proprietary, Chiller Plant Optimization Controller, providing the best system operating efficiency. Variable Frequency Drives may be incorporated with Manual or Automatic Bypasses. A User-friendly, Color Touch Screen Operator Interface is utilized for simple operation. Factory Engineering staff are available to assist facility owners or engineers in conceptual development and planning.

  • Energy-Efficient Variable Speed Centrifugal or Screw Chillers
  • Integrated Pumping System—Chilled Water & Condenser Water
  • Hydronic Accessories, Air Separation, &
  • Expansion Tank
  • Evaporative Cooling Tower
  • Variable Frequency Drives & Chiller Plant
  • Optimization Controller, with Touchscreen Interface
  • Differential Pressure, Temperature, & Flow Transmitters
  • Communication Interface to Building Management System
  • Environmentally-controlled Building Enclosure with Single-point Power Connection

  • Turbocor Variable Speed Chiller
  • Internet Connectivity for Remote System Monitoring
  • Cooling Tower Side-stream Filtration with Tower Sweep
  • Free Cooling Heat Exchanger
  • Chemical Treatment and Control System
  • System without Building Enclosure
  • Specific Performance Criteria (Upon Request)

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