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- Data Concentrator and Transceiver Unit



The TCP-IP Data Concentrator and Transceiver Unit (Envirtech TCPIP/DCTU) is a multipurpose intelligent device designed for remote operation of Envirtech data buoys, tide gauges, meteorological stations (AWS Automatic Weather Stations) and other SCADA devices to implement a complete solution to receive and transmit data via VHF, UHF, W-LAN, GPRS/EDGE and Satellite networks. Each unit is composed of the pre-selected Radio-Modem implementing the radio communication segment, controlled by a microcomputer programmed to decode in-field collected data and to send commands toward the field.

The unit is available in two configurations, indoor for desktop applications or rack mounting and outdoor, to be mounted in field, powered by solar panels. The unit is composed of following main parts:

  • RF - Radio Frequency modem. Its configuration depends on the user choice at order time. Available Radio Frequency Bands are : VHF, UHF, GPRS/EDGE, Inmarsat mini-C, Iridium, W-LAN
  • CPU: it consists of a low power consumption RISC processor, embedding a LINUX operating system able to manage serial lines, USB ports, Ethernet communications and a 32 GB NVRam. An optional keyboard can be added to complete the user interface in case of standalone applications. The Ethernet port can be connected to a Local Area Network implementing a powerful monitor and command system.
  • Power supply
  • As Option, a multi Analog/Digital I/O interface can manage local sensors

Data collected (locally or received via Radio) are pre-processed and formatted in files that can be downloaded by user clients or procedures using the FTP protocol. In bundle with the remote software envHYDRO it is possible to implement a very powerful low cost SCADA system.

As option, the unit can collect local data from sensors like meteorological sensors, tide gauges and so on. The unit, can also command local payloads like relays, motors, pumps, valves implementing PID regulations and so on.

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