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- Model MKI-4 - Tsunami Monitoring Buoy



Envirtech MKI-4 buoy assures a stable platform for bidirectional communications to/ from the ocean bottom, and allows total remote control of deployed devices. Together underwater modules, like Calypso or Poseidon Class devices, the MKI-4 is a reliable part of the marine segment of a tsunami warning system. It has been designed taking in mind the big experience matured by Envirtech in Bengal Bay, the Andaman Sea and the South China Sea, to mitigate vandalism risk and to implement easy to deploy (ETD) procedures as requested by end-users. It can be deployed easily using  relative small fishing boats or  oceanographic and supply vessels and can be serviced on  board avoiding the return in port for maintenance operations. The MKI-4 can be ordered in two  configurations with solar panels or powered by lithium batteries. A special hook consents a safe management of all deployment operations.

The Envirtech buoy MKI-TSU is composed of three main parts:

  • A subsurface pole hosting acoustic modems in a protective carter;
  • A float composed of 3 parts in the middle;
  • An instrument case hosting CPU, transceivers and batteries.

The main advantages of this configuration for specific data relay applications are the following:

  • The lower pole provide a reliable mechanical support for the acoustic modems and related cables.
  • The top, central part of the float can contain the battery and electronic unit with related connectors.
  • The turret on the top allows the mounting of solar panels, the satellite modems and additional devices such as a Wi-Fi interface, meteorological station, etc.
  • The hydrodynamics of the buoy are characterised to obtain a stable platform to optimise the performance of the acoustic link between the buoy and the underwater module that transfers the data related to the tide and tsunami detection.

The buoy can be optionally supplied with further payloads such as:

  • A complete meteorological station (single or double)
  • An ADCP for multi-cell current data collection
  • Water quality multi-parameter probe

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