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- Landfill Gas Analyzer System


The Envision gas analyzer houses all of the gas and pressure sensors. The gas analyzer utilizes infrared sensors to measure CH4 and CO2. The Envision also uses an electrochemical cell to measure O2 concentrations and utilizes an accurate thermistor temperature probe to measure wellhead gas temperatures.

Pick a Mobile Device
Use any mobile device running Windows Mobile CE to connect to your Envision Gas Analyzer.

Configuration Editor
Use the Elkins Configuration Editor on your Windows PC to create and edit your sites and well IDs.

Start Tuning
Use your mobile device to control the Envision and store gas readings.


The Envision houses CH4, CO2 & O2 sensors
The Envision gas analyzer utilizes NDIR sensors to measure CH4 and CO2 along with a electrochemical cell to measure O2 concentrations of LFG. The Envision Gas analyzer also houses 5 pressure sensors to provide greater accuracy over a larger span of pressures present in today’s landfill Gas collection systems.


Many ways to tune
No matter how you choose to tune your landfill the Envision Gas Analyzer can be configured to save you time and effort.  The Bluetooth link between the handheld PC and Envision allows for multiple ways to use the system.

Are you walking the landfill to tune today? Put the Envision in the Camelbak backpack and hit the hill. Using an ATV or UTV?  Use the mount to hold the Handheld PC while you travel from well to well and stay safe while doing it. Speak with someone in our sales department to find out what the Ideal configuration is for your needs.


The Envision boasts a 14 hour battery life
The Envision is manufactured and assembled in the USA by Elkins Earthworks LLC.  It has been tested and approved to handle a wide range of conditions present in landfill tuning scenarios. In fact the Envision can be trusted to handle even the coldest of tuning events due to its internal heating pads. When the weather gets cold the Envision system will keep you moving so you can stay compliant!


Use any Windows Mobile device
The Elkins Gas Analyzer program will run on any device running Windows Mobile CE.  We recommend choosing a strong, all-weather device such as the Juniper Archer 2 or Trimble Juno, which are equipped with an IP68 Certification for dust and water.  If you already own a device that meets this standard then you have the ability to load our software and pair to any Envision unit.

Once you own a handheld PC for use with the Envision system you will also have the ability to pair it with other instruments used in the Landfill Gas industry. Ask your sales associate for additional information.


Make changes as you work
The Envision was made by technicians for technicians. That means saying goodbye to limitations that have been placed on you by other equipment. The Envision system provides you, the technician, with the ability to manage each individual sample point on the handheld PC when you are in the field. If you need to change an orifice plate size in the field then go ahead! The Envision allows you to make the change and immediately take a reading to verify your corrective action. Would you like to add a new well ID and then mark its GPS location? Get it done instantly and continue on with your tuning event.

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