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Waste materials and by-products are accrued in conjunction with every single manufacturing operation, such as enterprises associated with the food and restaurant sector, the fuel industry, the cosmetics sector and the animal husbandry sector. Since the year 2002, we have developed technologies for biogas plants that produce impressive income from food waste, glycerine, slaughterhouse waste and fats. EnviWaste enables you to produce your own electricity and heat so that you will profit from enormous costs savings on the purchase of energy. We offer you all process steps from one hand. Whether concept design, construction, commissioning or servicing of your EnviWaste-plant - we are on your side.

Organic waste is continuously generated in the production of food and agricultural products. Using the right technology, these by-products can be utilised as valuable substrates for biogas production. This increases the economic efficiency of production enterprises and contributes to the generation of environmentally friendly energy.

Biogas is produced through the fermentation of organic substrates. Many waste materials are suitable for this process, such as those permanently available in factories from the agricultural, food and vegetable-oil industries. Be it food waste, glycerine, slaughterhouse waste or vegetable/animal fat: our biogas plants have an optimal technical design to ensure that these waste materials produce the best possible yields as substrates.


The efficient utilisation of organic waste in biogas plants creates a cycle of economic sustainability: Continuously generated by-products can be profitably employed to produce electricity, heat or bio natural gas. This reduces the accumulation of waste which production plants would otherwise have to dispose of, often at great cost. The benefit is twofold: The impact on the environment is reduced and the value- added chain is optimised. On top of that, farms can use fermentation residues as valuable fertiliser.


Specific local conditions, locally available substrates, the most efficient possible utilisation of generated exhaust heat in the respective production facility – every biogas plant is different. We develop a customised concept for your project which accounts for the respective conditions. We can provide you on demand with a turnkey plant with which you can utilise the organic residues you have available for optimal energy production.


Organic waste is already being used as input material in many of our plants. Our success story in the utilisation of different substrates is marked not only by satisfied customers, but also accolades and awards. In 2010, for example, Frost & Sullivan presented EnviTec with the Best Practices Award in the category 'Global Biological Wasteto- Energy Competitive Strategy Leadership'.

Thanks to the high energy yield in EnviTec 'wasteto- energy' biogas plants, the required amount of fossil fuels has been reduced, resulting in a considerable improvement in the CO2 figures of production plants. This gives you an important competitive edge, as more and more consumers and companies are emphasising sustainable production when purchasing products.

You can rely on our experience as plant manufacturers and our innovative technologies for producing biogas. These two factors guarantee that you will reach your goals and use your organic waste as an effi cient source of energy. In this way, you can either supply yourself independently from the energy market or profi tably market the bio natural gas or electricity and heat you produce.

Even after commissioning your biogas plant, our comprehensive technical and biological service is ready to help you at all times – with service contracts custom-fi t to your needs. This is also refl ected by the high plant capacity utilisation of our customers. Whether it's for co-generation plant maintenance or comprehensive service for the entire plant: we're there for you.

Safety is one of the most important factors when constructing a biogas plant. EnviTec Biogas AG is among the few providers certifi ed according to DIN EN ISO 9001 who exclusively commission plants with a CE mark. Our plants meet all safety-related EU regulations and are fully ready for TÜV certifi cation.

  • Through pasteurisation, input materials are properly pre-treated according to EC regulations.
  • Co-generation plant of the latest generation.
  • Increased efficiency through the use of optimised mixing technology: the Kreis-Dissolver.
  • The energy used for pasteurising waste materials is derived from the exhaust heat of the co-generation plant.

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