EOS Remediation, LLC

- Premium Colloidal Suspension of Alkaline Solids


CoBupHMg is a premium colloidal suspension of alkaline solids providing long-term, slow release adjustment of pH in acidic aquifers to optimum levels for biodegradation and immobilization of some dissolved metals.

  • Long-lasting pH control and adjustment of aquifers for enhanced bioremediation and metals immobilization
  • A safe, easy-to-use, long-lasting colloidal buffer that can be mixed with any EOS emulsifed oil product or used alone

Product Advantages

  • Long-term pH adjustment
  • Minimized risk of overshooting pH
  • Can be combined with EOS oils and EOSQR
  • Ships in small containers
  • Easily diluted with water in the field

CoBupHMg’s patented formulation provides:

  • Equilibrium pH of ~10 in a 10:1 dilution (DI water:CoBupHMg), minimizing the risk of overshooting the pH by buffer addition
  • Micron scale, negatively charged particles promote distribution from the injection point
  • Can be used in combination with our emulsified oil products.

Parameter : Value

  • Alkaline Colloidal Suspension Concentrate: CoBupHMg : Typical
  • Alkaline Buffer (% by wt.) : 45
  • Dispersant (% by wt.) : 1
  • Stabilizer (% by wt.) : 0.5
  • Density (g/ml) : 1.37
  • pH (Standard Units) – 10:1 Dilution (DI Water:CoBupHMg) : 10
  • Mean Particle Size (µm) : 0.6
  • OH- Equivalence (eq OH- per lb. CoBupHMg) : 7 +/- 0.5

Shipped in 5-gallon pails (50 lbs.)

Handling & Storage
CoBupHMg is shipped as a ready-to-use concentrated suspension of alkaline solids that can be easily diluted with water in the field. CoBupHMg has a low viscosity and is amenable to pumping with commonly available pumps. Before dilution, agitate to ensure product is adequately mixed. Dilution ratios typically range from 1:1 to 4:1 (water: CoBupHMg) depending on site conditions; CoBupHMg injections should be followed with additional chase water to maximize distribution.

For best performance, use CoBupHMg within 60 days of delivery and store at a temperature of 40°F (4°C) to 100°F (38°C). For best performance, use EOS 450 within 60 days of delivery and store at a temperature between 40°F (4°C) to 100°F (38°C).