EOS Remediation, LLC

- Model 450 - Emulsified Vegetable Oil (EVO)


EOS 450 is a low cost food-grade emulsified vegetable oil (EVO) that provides basic support for sites with established microbial communities, maximizing substrate value while enhancing anaerobic bioremediation in contaminated groundwater. EOS 450 can be used to reduce chlorinated solvents, perchlorate, energetics, acid mine drainage, redox sensitive metals, radionuclides, and other recalcitrant chemicals.

EOS 450 benefits include:

  • Rapidly-biodegradable substrates to “jump start” bacterial growth
  • Slow release biodegradable substrates to promote long-term biological activity
  • Engineered for subsurface transport
  • Small oil droplet size
  • Negative surface charge
  • Neutral pH

EOS 450 incorporates the proven patented EOS® technologies that clients have trusted for more than a decade. Domestic supply made in the USA with US farmed soybeans.

  • Parameter : Value
  • Oil Emulsion Concentrate: EOS 450 : Typical
  • Refined and Bleached US Soybean Oil (% by wt.) : 45
  • Rapidly Biodegradable Soluble Substrate (% by wt.) : >5
  • Other Organics (emulsifiers, food additives, etc.) (% by wt.) : >1
  • Specific Gravity : 0.96 – 0.98
  • pH (Standard Units) : 6 – 7
  • Median Oil Droplet Size (microns) : 1.8
  • Organic Carbon (% by wt.) : 51
  • Mass of Hydrogen Produced (lbs. H2 per lb. EOS 450) : 0.18


Shipped in 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon IBC totes or bulk tankers (40,000 lbs.)

Handling & Storage

EOS 450 is shipped as a ready-to-use concentrated emulsion that can be diluted with water in the field to prepare a high quality suspension for easy injection. EOS 450 has a low viscosity and can be distributed with commonly available pumps or continuous metering with a diluter (e.g., Dosatron™). Dilution ratios for EOS 450 commonly range from 4:1 to 20:1 (water: EOS 450) depending on site conditions. EOS 450 injections should be followed with additional chase water to maximize distribution of EOS 450 into the formation.

For best performance, use EOS 450 within 60 days of delivery and store at a temperature between 40°F (4°C) to 100°F (38°C).