EOS Remediation, LLC

Granular powder of calcium peroxide that provides slow, steady oxygen supply for long-term aerobic biodegradation

Steady, long-term supply of oxygen to speed up site closure with enhanced aerobic biodegradation of BTEX, PAHs, DRO, MTBE, VC and other complex contaminants

Product Advantages

  • 17% by weight oxygen
  • Most cost effective oxygen releasing product available
  • Slowly releases oxygen; 1 or more yr of treatment
  • Effective for non-chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Increases pH
  • Ideal for UST excavations

  • Slowly releases oxygen (typically between 9-12 months) to aid long-term aerobic biodegradation
  • Lowest cost calcium peroxide on the market
  • Powdered material with no inert fillers
  • Increases pH
  • Effective for a wide range of hydrocarbons, including BTEX and PAHs

  • Excavations: Evenly disperse powder in the base of excavations and add water to saturate the subgrade and backfill.
  • Direct Injection: Mix powder with water (4 parts water: 1 part EOX) and inject through conventional wells or direct push rods.

  • Electron Acceptor: EOX: Typical
  • Calcium Peroxide (% by wt.): 75
  • Calcium Hydroxide (% by wt.): 25
  • Available oxygen (%): 17
  • Bulk Density: ~550 g/L or 34.3 lbs/ft3
  • pH (Standard Units): 12
  • Electron acceptor equivalents per lb.: 9.5 O2 - eq./lbs
  • Appearance: white or yellowish powder
  • Particle size distribution: <74 micron (99% passes 200 mesh)

Packaging: Shipped in 30-gallon drums as Hazard Class 5.1 (oxidizer) under International Packing Group ll, 30-gallon unrated poly drums, or 50lb bags (minimum order required)

Handling & Storage: EOX should be stored inside away from combustibles and protected from moisture. Once opened, do not return removed material to the original container.

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