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- Model 11 - Automated Electrified Monorail System



The automated electrified monorail system is an overhead monorail transport system created for the automotive industry but soon used in all sectors where production is organized into workstations. This system has been extensively used in the printed paper sector in recent years for the handling of reels and empty reels and in the transportation of the printing cylinders from the automated warehouse to the printing press and/or the photoengraving system line.

The EPF Electrified Monorail System has been created in response to the needs of the paper industry although being a solution applicable to many sectors where the management of handling operations is necessary. The EPF Electrified Monorail System is made with aluminium or steel rails with a carrying capacity of up to 2500 kg and can be equipped with one or more carousels consisting of a motorized carousel unit and an idle unit; these two elements joined by a bar form the carousel of the automated electrified monorail system. The equipment for the pick-up and handling of the part to be moved is positioned below the connection bar. Unlike other products on the market, the EPF automated electrified monorail system does not require proprietary software.

EPF Electrified Monorail11 System requires the installation of appropriate sliding power supply strips on the aluminium profile, with a brush contact system at the front and rear of the carousel of the system. The transfer of machine data to the ground or to the other carousels occurs by means of a wireless system while the position of the carousels is read by a bar code encoder and a navigation system. The application of the EPF Electrified Monorail11 System for the handling of the cylinders and to serve photoengraving system tanks in rotary printing, is especially suitable in relation to its modularity, since it can also be applied in spaces with a height below 4m.Furthermore, in textiles as well as in the non-woven fabrics and plastic film sectors, this electrified monorail system is particularly suitable since it is designed for the management of materials in reels.

The choice of components and the design of the entire system are designed to reduce power consumption to a minimum. Furthermore, EPF Automation offers the customer an opportunity to integrate a monitoring system of the power consumption so as to ensure efficient operations in terms of energy savings.

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