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Vapor extraction, the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from soil using vacuum, has proven to be a highly efficient and cost-effective method of in-situ soil remediation.


The EPG Portable Vapor Extraction System is perfect for conducting pilot studies on a potential vapor extraction site. This system can determine whether the technology is feasible and will further define design parameters for a complete system.

EPG's vapor extraction equipment and air sparge systems are available pre-packaged, and skid, base or stand mounted. Components may also be purchased separately.

Vapor Extraction Vacuum Blower & Motor

The EPG Vapor Extraction Blower is selected based on the most effective solution to the work requirements of each site.

  • Regenerative
  • Centrifugal
  • Multi-Stage Centrifugal
  • Positive Displacement
  • Liquid Ring

  • 24 Hour or 7 Day Blower Cycle Timer
  • Elapsed Blower Run Time Meter
  • Inlet and Outlet Silencers
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Air Flow Sensor, Air Flow Meter
  • Condensate Pump Out Package
  • And many others

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