URBAR Ingenieros, S.A.

URBAR Ingenieros, S.A.

Equipment for Recycling and Recovery



URBAR conceive, design and manufacture all type of vibrating equipment for recycling and recovery for: Glass: 'finger' screens for bottle tops, vibrating feeders and conveyors. Paper and wood: fluidized bed dryers for shaving, dewatering screens. Plastics and light fractions: heavy elements separation. Ashes and slags: coneyors, elevators, dryers and coolers. Tires and rubber: conveyors and screens. Batteries and electronic components: watch batteries screens.

URBAR Ingenieros, S.A. is an engineering company specialised in the vibration field. Founded in 1953, we have acquired a large experience in developing and manufacturing concrete vibrators, vibrators for the industry and vibrating machines. Since the 90´s, URBAR has been working in the products Recycling, enlarging our range in order to offer the right answer to the changing requirements in that field. At URBAR, we bring solutions when the problems show in the productive process, adapting our equipment, as well in the dimensioning as in their capacities, to the exact installation needs.


The waste treatment usually shows a main problem: the product heterogeneity. Several sizes, shapes and the origins are present at the same time in the same application. At URBAR, we design our equipment, adapting them to the treatment processes, such as stocking, dosing, conveying, screening, drying/cooling… solving the existing problems.

Our experience in treating quite an important amount of products (solid waste, iron, aluminium, tires, ashes, slags…) and our wide laboratory equipment range (dewatering screen, elastic mesh screen, densimetric table, dryer/cooler…) allow us an adequate design, based upon our experience and the tests results, always looking for the final product appreciation and improvement.

We are at your disposal for you to obtain the best performances in your Recycling processes. URBAR is ISO 9001 certified to design and manufacture vibrators and vibrating equipment, achieving all kind of industrial application of the vibration.

Among our vibrating solutions, we offer the following applications:

• Sizers.

• Densimetric tables.

• Screens, even for difficult products.

• Furnace charge cars.

• Vibrating feeders and conveyors.

• Dewatering screens.

• Fluidized beds for drying and cooling.

• Helicoidal vibrating elevators.

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