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- Ekomachine AMR 100

The AMR 100 is an innovative compact waste disposal system that generates energy, heat and commercially viable by-products while generating ZERO toxic or harmful emisions . A completly green soltuion !! How is this done ? By using a patented tecnology that includes fast pyrolysis in the process. In the complete lack of oxygen the AMR 100 breaks down the chemical bonds of the waste introduced without incineration. This process creates gas , oil , heat and ash . These are all products that are either recycled to propel the plant or sold to make a profit. The unique feature of the AMR 100 is its size. Occupying a mere 25mq measuring 450 x 450 x 920 this unit can be allocated in strategic locations for waste disposal thereby reducing environmental impact aswell as logistics and handling costs, decentralising waste collection and accumulation. Producing 100Kw/H and 117 kWht/H of heat the AMR 100 is an excellent energy from waste solution applicable to communities, hospitals and commercial enterprises alike. The plant processes more than 5 tons of refuse per day and can cater for the MSW produced by 10 000 inhabitants in Europe and 16 000 inhabitants in developing countries. Many different kinds of waste can be processed ranging from MSW , hospital waste, rubber, plastics, wood, paper , agricultural waste and many more without having to modify the plant for the variuos types of waste. The AMR 100 is an excellent investment opportunity in that the Return on Investment is 4/5 years. With a lifespan of approximately 20 years the numbers speak for themselves.

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    Fantastic technology