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- System for Electronic Scrap Recycling



Turnkey system solutions for WEEE recycling of electrical and electronic scrap. The reclamation of valuable resources from electrical and electronic scrap – a global volume in excess of 40 million tonnes/year – is one of the greatest challenges facing our society. With additional support from WEEE Directive legislation, this represents enormous growth potential for recycling companies in all consumer-oriented markets. For many years now, ERDWICH has specialised in the reclamation of valuable primary materials from electronic waste with its turnkey system solutions.

  • Pre-sorting and selection of valuable materials
  • Pollutant decontamination
  • Gentle coarse shredding and breakdown
  • Manual inspection and iterative material selection
  • Automated separation of the various fractions
  • Parameterised post-granulation
  • Ultra-fine separation of high-value materials
  • All process execution is fully compliant with the new DIN EN 50574 rules.

Whether you need to handle electrics/electronics, small/large household appliances or specialist items such as fluorescent lamps, PCBs, LCD monitors and PV modules, whether as a mobile or stationary solution: create new value from electronic waste with ERDWICH.

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