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Our standard range of water regenerable carbon filters has been specially designed for the Middle East wastewater treatment market. These systems are designed and built to the highest international standards and come with guaranteed odour removal performance. This range unites European technology and quality assurance with local manufacture to provide cost-effective solutions to meet the Middle East’s demanding standards for controlling sewage network odours.

  • Filter and ductwork constructed from GRP for strength, durability and economy
  • Single extraction fan fabricated in polypropylene with tropicalised and explosion-proof motor suitable for use in a Middle East climate
  • Water regenerable activated carbon selected for sewage odour control delivers:
  • Operating savings - minimum 3 months bed life between each regeneration, and 6-8 cycles before replacement
  • Simple water washing procedure regenerates the carbon in 2-4 hours
  • Performance monitoring ports let the operator predict when regeneration is required
  • Water washing connections and drain valves as standard for easy carbon regeneration.

Odour control performance and carbon bed life

  • Effective on initial H2S odour loadings from >250ppm to <0.25ppm
  • The bed life - the time until the carbon is spent and stops capturing H2S - depends on the average H2S loading into the filter. For example, a CF9 filter treating 600m3/hr air at average inlet 25ppm H2S has a bed life of 28 weeks. If the average inlet H2S doubles to 50ppm, the bed life is reduced to 14 weeks.

Filter vessel GCC supplier

  • GRP construction with isophthalic resin, chemically resistant vinyl ester resin inner layer and UV stabilized gel coat external finish
  • 2m standard discharge stack
  • Water regeneration connections, drain valves and sample points
  • Designed and fabricated to BS4994 and ISO9001, hydro-tested.

Carbon media European supplier

  • Water regenerable activated carbon media from ERG’s framework supplier.

Fan European supplier

  • Polypropylene impeller and casing
  • Galvanized carbon steel frame
  • IP55, ExN, tropicalised motor
  • Fan break-out noise <85dB(A) at 1m.

Instrumentation European supplier

  • Differential pressure switch for fan, IP55, ExN if required
  • Differential pressure indicator.

Control panel GCC supplier

  • Rittal type steel enclosure painted to BS4800, with IP55 protection
  • Starter and controls for fan
  • Fascia-mounted switches and indicator lamps, and E-stop
  • Wall or frame mounted.

The space needed and the weight of each CF unit are shown in the table. In addition, the following utility connections are required:

  • Power: 400V 3 phase+N+E
  • Signal: healthy/fault signal (VF) provided at ERG’s control panel
  • Water: min 0.2 barg (max 2.0 barg) clean water supply for water regeneration
  • Drainage: effluent from water regeneration (NB initially effluent will be pH 2, rising to pH>6), and condensate drainage from fan and ductwork
  • Ductwork: 0.5 to 0.7 kPa suction available at fan inlet.

The following upgrade features are available if required:

  • Duty and standby fans with automatic change-over
  • Larger filter - longer bed life Extraction ductwork from odour source (wet well, tank, screen room, etc) to odour control package
  • Flow control dampers at take-off points
  • H2S performance monitoring equipment
  • Washable pre-filter.

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