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The  ideal  solution  for  high  concentration  odoursources on sewage and sludge treatment plants. CIFs  use  rusting  iron  Pall  rings  to  remove  bulk  hydrogen  sulphide(H2S) from highly odorous air streams. H2S removal efficiencies of 60-80% are obtained providing a cheap means of reducing the loadonto  downstream  polishing  Odour  Control  equipment.  Widelyused on sludge tanks, imported sludge PS and sludge presses.

  • Good H2S roughing filter - up to 60% efficiency single stage and 80% dual stage
  • Segregated multiple beds ensures low pressure drop even at end of media life
  • Correctly sized to avoid “swamping” with excess sulphur
  • Low operating pressure drop less than 250Pa per stage
  • Operating life of 3-5 years
  • Humidification in inlet duct with low water consumption,
  • < 1 litre/min for many applications
  • Robust vessels fabricated from PVC/GRP
  • Significant running cost savings when used with chemical scrubbers and impregnated carbon filters

With chemical scrubbers

Reduces caustic and bleach chemical consumption by up to 80%, avoids sulphur precipitation in scrubbing liquor, and reduces the size of the scrubber

With biofilters

Protects biofilter from peak H2S loadings, extends life of media, improves odour removal performance, ideal for sludge treatment centres where site storage of chemicals is undesirable (see also Dry-Cat literature)

With carbon filters

Reduces carbon usage by up to 80%, extends life of media, ideal for smaller sites, or where space is limited

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