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Erosion Control


One of Concrete Cloth’s greatest strengths is that it can be easily laid uniformly over slopes to quickly and effectively provide a simple but strong ground cover. Available in 3 thicknesses (5cm, 8cm, 13cm) it can be used in light and heavy traffic areas and can even be used to improve erosion at cattle feeding points into rivers.

Because the outer surface of CC is a cloth it will naturally attract verdigree over the years and green up but because it is a cloth it can be painted in-situ to instantly camouflage it or it can be covered in honeycomb and turfed or seeded where a natural look is required.

As shown in the picture to the right CC can also be used vertically to prevent small land slips and if necessary can be installed in overlapping layers to provide additional strength. Due to its long fibre construction the CC will not pulll apart even if it does crack and it can be easily repaired by applying a new layer and hydrating.

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