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Erosion Control Mats



Erosion Control Erosion Control Mats are three-dimensional geosynthetics and composites which prevent the removal and transport of soil particles by both water and wind. Erosion control mats are used for slope and ground protection in road building, landscaping, and landfill engineering works. Waterways engineering works employ erosion control mats on flood plains and embankments. Properly dimensioned it prevents the sliding and washing out of the soil and cover layer while facilitating rapid vegetation growth. Upon heavy rains and water flows, the reinforcing ability of the mat prevents erosion of the otherwise vulnerable vegetation. Once vegetated, the mat reduces runoff velocities and thereby increases infiltration and reduces discharge. Directly next to water courses, erosion control mats protects the banks from the scouring action of water flow. Lining Technology supply erosion control materials to a wide range of industries.

Advantages of Erosion Control Mats

  • Prevent erosion
  • Reduce environmental impact of erosion
  • Economical
  • Easy to Install
  • Aesthetically pleasing

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