LawnShark USA LLC

- Model 32 Inch - Two Stage Sweeper Vac


Designed with accessibility in mind, the professional-grade ES32 provides high performance even in tight areas. With the ability to enter 36″ gated properties, eliminate raking and tarping leaves in tough-to-reach areas while the industry-leading reduction rate increases efficiency and decreases bagging cycles.

  • 2-Stage Sweeper Vac, Combining IndustryLeadin Brush and Vacuum Operation
  • Rotating Paddle Brush Sweeping Action Sweep-Up Deck Design
  • 6 Blade Thrasher Teeth Impeller
  • Brushwood Thrasher
  • Adjustable Deck Height Optional Dethatching Brush 32' Clearing Width Self-Oropelled 6F/1R Operation
  • Collection Bad Capacity Equal to 20 Bushels of Reduced Leaves
  • Briggs & Stratton and Honda Motors

  • Increases Speed and Reduces Work Time Significantly
  • Tackles the Toughest Jobs Including Lawn Debris, Pine Cones, Sweet Gum Balls, Litter and Cans
  • Leaves Nothing Behind
  • Significantly Reduces Leaf Volume and Decreases Bagging Cycles
  • Maintains Continuous Airflow
  • Adjusts to the Job at Hand
  • Transforms LawnShark Into a Dethatching Unit Provides 36' Gate Accessibility
  • Enhances Ease of Use
  • Reduces Bagging Cycles
  • Provide Performance Reliability

  • Optional Thatching Brush
  • Optional Honda Engine

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