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ESG Waterwise produces a range of unique Chlorine Dioxide Generators, designed with health and safety in mind.

Each of the units utilises a specially designed uPVC injector block with an integral reaction chamber incorporating a special catalyst element to ensure complete conversion of the precursor chemicals to chlorine dioxide gas. Two, precursor products are dosed independently to the mixing block where they react safely to form chlorine dioxide.

The injector can be installed to dose direct into pipework or suspended in a tank or cooling tower pond.

The unique design of the Waterwise injector block ensures that there is no production of chlorine dioxide gas or concentrated solutions of chlorine dioxide outside the process application. The injection block and reaction chamber are designed so that the reaction to produce chlorine dioxide takes place within the water pipework, and not outside the system in a reaction chamber like many competitors units.

In the unlikely event of a failure of the reaction chamber, there would not be an evolution of a dangerous gas; the worst case would be a serious leakage of water.

Chemicals are drawn direct from bunded supply drums with no lifting or decanting of chemicals into tanks. This ensures there is no risk of the solutions mixing outside the system. In the event that the drums are connected incorrectly, the unit will simply not produce chlorine dioxide. There will not be any production of gas external to the equipment.

The drums and tanks can be colour coded to ensure the suction lances are not put into the wrong drum.

The system is housed in three ABS enclosures connected side by side. The centre section houses the central processor and control, with the side enclosures housing the two chemical pumps. This layout ensures effective isolation of the two chemical pumps preventing any premature mixing of the two chemicals. Many competitors units house the two pumps and often the mixing chamber in a single enclosure with the obvious resultant risk.

Typical installation

The Range of Chlorine Dioxide Units comprises of :-

The ‘Mini’

  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Maximum system pressure 1 bar
  • Dose rate 5 litres/hour

The ‘Compact’

  • Positive displacement pumps
  • ‘Intelligent’ pump for finite parameter adjustment
  • Max system pressure 7 bar
  • Dose rate 5 litres/hour
  • Note: A ‘non – intelligent’ 5 bar pump is available at lower cost if required

The ‘Maxi’

  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Maximum system pressure 7 bar
  • Dose rate 10 litres/hour

The units can also be configured for time control or external on/off signal.

Standard ‘commodity’ chemicals can be used without the need for specialist chemicals or cassettes. Typically 7% solution (producing 5% Chlorine Dioxide) or 3% solution (approx 2.5% chlorine dioxide).

A water meter, ensuring accurate measurement of chlorine dioxide gas, controls the system.

A range of meters up to 4” is available, enabling a dose rate up to 500 m3/hr at 0.5 ppm chlorine dioxide.

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