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ESG Waterwise Technology Ltd

- Model Oasis - Oasis Water Recycling System


Recognising the need to help operators reduce running costs and make their systems more environmentally efficient, ESG Waterwise have developed a special range of water purifying systems to recycle water.

The Waterwise Oasis Systems use a combination of filtration, ion exchange and reverse osmosis to purify effluent water, enabling typically 60-75% of the water to be recycled as fresh make-up.  The efficiency of the recycling process is such that the quality of the recycled water is equal to, or in most cases better than, the quality of the normal water supply. *In order for the Waterwise Oasis System to operate effectively the recovered water to be recycled must be free of fats oils, and greases.

The units are fully automatic in operation and designed to operate with most chemical and non chemical cooling water treatment methods.

Avaliable in skid mounted or free standing configurations the Oasis can be easily installed in either new builds or retro-fitted into an existing system.

  • Typical 5 mW heat rejection cooling tower operating at full load will discharge approx 3.6 m3/hr as bleed-off to drain.
  • At an average load of 30% the bleed-off will be 1.08 m3/hr or 25.9 m3/day.
  • Based on Thames Water current water charges for metered premises of 168.9p per m3, this equates to £43.77 per day or £15,976.00 per year.
  • By recycling 75% of the bleed-off water the Waterwise Oasis System will therefore achieve a saving of £11,980.00 per year in water and effluent costs.
  • Capital cost for a plant to recycle this volume of water is £15,000 to £20,000 including installation.  With an operating cost of less than £2,000 per annum, the units will achieve payback in less than 2 years.
  • The larger the system the shorter the payback time.

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