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Water performs many vital functions but not all its features are equally beneficial in all applications.  Water that is naturally hard, as in 70% of the UK, contains dissolved calcium and other minerals and the effect on pipework and water systems can be disastrous.

When water borne minerals, such as calcium bicarbonate, revert to their solid carbonate state, limescale is formed in water systems and this narrows pipes, blocks jets, slows the flow, reduces thermal efficiency and provides a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Research has shown that just 6mm of limescale will reduce energy by a staggering 40% and in a moderately hard water area, 6mm of limescale can form in pipework or on heat exchangers in just two years, resulting in higher running costs, increased energy bills, lost production and early renewal of capital equipment.

ESG Waterwise' Scalewatcher overcomes the shortcomings of other physical water treatment systems by electronically generating the full range of frequencies required, at just the right intensity, to ensure consistent results over the full range of applications.

New Installations

Installed at the outset, Waterwise Scalewatcher will extend the efficient working life of water systems and associated equipment, reducing maintenance and running costs to the benefit of the building owner and the environment by keeping the emission of greenhouse gases to a minimum.

Existing Installations

Applied to systems that have become inefficient and costly because of the build up of limescale, the Waterwise Scalewatcher removes the need for chemical descalants and the early replacement of pipework and water-fed equipment.  By dissolving the scale, Waterwise Scalewatcher will restore the system back to its design performance thereby delivering energy savings and reductions in greenhouse gases.  Experience has demonstrated that scale is removed in a fraction of the time it has taken to form.  The resulting pay-back period can be as little as a few months and has rarely been longer than two years.

‘Part L’ Compliance

Fully complies with the requirements of the 2006 Amendment of Part L Schedule to the Building Regulations for the prevention of limescale in boilers and water heating devices.

ESG Waterwise' Scalewatcher is an electronic descaler that is applied externally to the pipework or water treatment installation.  A range of units is available to cover pipe sizes from 8mm to 1250mm.  Treatment is applied simply by wrapping a signal cable around the outside of a pipe to form a coil.  No cutting into the pipework or additional plumbing is required.

Using modern microprocessors and signal processing techniques, the Waterwise Scalewatcher produces a complex, modulating frequency waveform (which in terms of magnetic strength is insignificant).  When this is applied to the water, the energy induced in the water is sufficient to cause the premature precipitation of the calcium.

Because precipitation occurs in the bulk of the water, the crystals seed onto other naturally occurring ions, such as zinc, copper, iron, etc.  Their size and shape bear no physical resemblance to those formed in untreated water and they remain in suspension until discharge to drain.

  • Extends life of capital equipment, prevents limescale build up and descales existing systems
  • Easy to install and move
  • Can be installed over the outside of lagging
  • More than one pipe can be treated with just one unit
  • Can be used with any size of pipe, any material, any flow rate
  • Uses no chemicals – can be used for drinking water
  • Reduces bacteria levels
  • Achieves large energy savings
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces down time
  • Short pay back period
  • Procedure available to prove performance of unit without system shutdown
  • All Waterwise Scalewatcher Units carry a 1 year manufacturers guarantee, in addition to a 12 month performance guarantee

  • Cooling Systems including cooling towers
  • Refrigeration and Chiller Systems
  • Humidifcation Systems
  • Swimming Pools
  • Effluent treatment including lime softening
  • Milk and milk product processing

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