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In the production side of the oil industry, mature wells produce high percentages of water with each pump stroke. It has become necessary to ensure that even low productivity wells remain in production. Most efficient pumping rates can be attained by measuring oil/water contents at the well head. Flo Point is the ideal method providing the information.

The Flo·Point™ Sensor is rated to ANSI 300 but for manufacturing purposes is produced with a ANSI 150 4 Bolt, raised face flange. ESI provides an ANSI 600 rated 4-8 bolt adaptor to enable simple installation into ANSI 300 pressure rated piping systems. ESI can optionally provide an installation pup to ensure rapid assembly of the piping connections.

Flo·Point™ integrates with a straight spool piece that mates with standard 2' ANSI 150 4 bolt, raised-face flanges. A standard 3 metre cable harness leading to a junction box rated for hazardous locations is provided for easy installation. Simplicity of installation, rugged design for harsh and hostile environments, and reliability of performance make the Flo·Point™ unit ideally suited for monitoring feeding and gathering line fluids.

Flo·Point™ has industry-wide applications, including:

  • Monitoring single wells and manifolds cost-effectively
  • Monitoring truck or pipeline transfers
  • Determining and optimizing well production efficiency
  • Detecting upset conditions in storage and treatment facilities
  • Monitoring primary, secondary and tertiary recovery

Features of the Flo·Point™ include:

  • Can be used with a flow meter to accurately measure oil and water volumes
  • Accuracy is unaffected by sand, salinity or temperature
  • All readings are adjusted for density
  • Real time readings
  • SCADA compatibility

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