- Model Pro - Soil Moisture Monitoring System



ESI Gro-Point™ Pro: a TDT sensor offering four valuable outputs from one highly accurate, revolutionary sensor.

ESI's Soil Moisture monitoring system begins with its Gro moisture sensor. Gro-Point Pro enables you to:

  • Decrease water use and associated costs
  • Improved crop and turf quality
  • Take the guess work and theoretical modeling out of irrigation management
  • Decrease fertilizer run-off
  • Save money
  • Differentiate your business as a leader in water management practices

  • Based on time tested, patented ESI TDR technology, this next generation TDT sensor is accurate, reliable and robust
  • Four valuable outputs from 1 unrivalled, digital sensor:
    1. Highly accurate Moisture Readings
    2. Patented Conductivity Compensation and associated Output
    3. Soil Temperature
    4. Know when the wetting front has reached the desired depth
  • Digital Sensor
  • Small, sleek, light-weight design
  • Extremely easy to install and use
  • Installed with little or no soil disruption
  • Designed for increased accuracy
  • Designed to operate well in conductive environments

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