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- Model ES-104 - Automatic Filter Bag Sewing Machine

Automatic Tube Dust Filter Bag Sewing Production Line | Filter Tube Sewing Unit Features: 1. Automatic Feeding Part: Unwind system with material guiding and edge control. Automatic stop when the material is using up. 2. Automatic Sewing Part: 3 needle feed off the arm chainstitch sewing machine (can be replaced by hot welding machine), and energy saving servo motor. Sewing speed can be 9 meters/minuter, suitable for bags with diameter of 120-300mm. 3. Automatic Storage Part 4. Automatic Cross Cutting Part: Length measuring system, and material cutting unit. Cutting accuracy can be controlled within 2mm. 5. Control Unit: 5.5inch color LCD with buttons for easy opperation. High definition camera can guarantee high quality sewing production. Application: For sewing tube dust filter bags. Widely used for woven and non-woven fabric, fiberglass felt, meta-aramid felt, PPS felt, PTFE, polyester felt filter bag, etc.

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