ESAM Australia PTY LTD

ESAM Australia PTY LTD

- Oil and Moisture Free Compressors.


ESAM oil and moisture free air compressors have been designed with a unique low coefficient of friction coating between the pistons and cylinders - thus maintaining the advantages of reciprocating technology, without the undesirable effects of oil and moisture contamination to the end product. ESAM oil and moisture free air compressors are supplied in 1,2,3 and 6 cylinder configuration; single phase and three phase motors are available. NASA called upon ESAM expertise to design and manufacture an air compressor for the Shuttle program. The compressor supplied, produced 38 bar pressure and weighed a mere 180 Grams. The ESAM engineers were particularly proud of this achievement. We at ESAM Australia are equally proud to announce the availability to Australia of ESAM oil and moisture free reciprocating air compressors.

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