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Choice. Convenience. Control. Unmatched processing backed by unrivalled service. These are some of the reasons why infrastructure & construction customers nationwide are turning to Essar Steel Service Centre for their welded beam needs. The industry convention hitherto has been procuring steel and setting up an on-site cut-and-weld steel workshop. This often throws up labour, service and operational complications, ballooning cost and hampering project productivity. So, why go this arduous process of buying steel and welding it, when there is a one-stop multi-beneficial solution of Factory Welded Beams available at Essar Steel Service Centre.

Unmatched Benefits, Incomparable Value-Addition

Procuring Factory Welded Beams from our Service Centre will help you

  • Shorten project time and maintain a clutterless project site
  • Increase productivity due to zero rejection and zero scrap
  • Reduce capex, labour and working capital
  • Improve safety
  • Improve quality with tighter design tolerances
  • and weld strength
  • Eliminate pollution (no shot blasting, no painting,
  • no welding at site)

Full-Range Facilities, World-Class Quality

High-quality steel from one of the largest plate mills in the world at Hazira is processed using state-of-the-art facilities
at Service Centres, giving you access to production that is truly hands-free.

• 4-edge welding for better results
• Beam auto-straightening
• Oxy-plasma profile cutting up to 60 mm
• Plasma cutting under water
• Tandem arc welding
• Shot-blasting up to 250 Ra finish
• Primer & final paint booth
• CNC drilling machine
• Customised & Interface Engineering Solution.

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