- Tunnel System



The DRAIN-MAX Tunnel System consists of light-weight, plastic, semi-circular shells with the capacity to buffer and infiltrate rainwater from sealed surfaces into the ground. The semicircular shells have a 100 % buffering capacity and compared to gravel, the infiltration ditches need less than 1/3 of conventional space. Rainwater can pass freely through the bottom and infiltrate the ground through holes in the side of the tunnel. In the standard version with the right cover, the tunnels can cope with a load of up to SLW30 (16,7 kN/m² - the equivalent of a truck with a load of 30 tons) and they have the durability to last for decades.

Each start section is equipped with a single DN100 hole as an inlet and is capable of connecting to pipes with a diameter of up to
DN300. With only three different components (tunnel, start and end sections) it is possible to construct an even larger system with minimum installation costs. Moreover, the system can be easily stacked, so transport costs are minimal.

  • Efficient and economical giving excellent value-for-money.
  • Minimal transport costs (easy stacking)
  • Increased load capacity of up to SLW30
  • 100% porous – minimal space usage
  • Simple and quick installation by linking tunnels together
  • Extended durabilty by using indestructible 100% recyclable Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Extremely light-weight and portable
  • as well suitable for rainwater attenuation

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