EnviroScopY SRL

EnviroScopY SRL

- EMS - Environmental Monitoring Station



An EMS (Environmental Monitoring Station) consists of several sensors measuring atmospheric, pavement, soil and/or water level conditions. EMSs can be installed on various configurations or difficult communication conditions. While sensor selection should always reflect operational requirements, a typical EMS installation frequently include the following: a combined sensor to measure wind speed and direction; sensors to measure relative humidity, dew point and air temperature. sensors to detect the presence, type and intensity of precipitation. Optical weather presence sensors capable of differentiating among rain, freezing rain, drizzle, freezing drizzle, mixed rain and snow, snow and ice pellets are available; sensors for sunshine duration, UV radiation or solar radiation; sensors for soil moisture or soil heat flux plate; sensors for air pollution: CO2, O3, NOx; digital camera for environmental observing are also available; upon request, other sensors can be added.


  • can be used in various conditions: OUTDOOR/INDOOR;
  • can use different communication conditions: USB or Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi or GSM;
  • can monitor and measure a very large area of parameters from air, soil or water;
  • can be configured and adapted depending on customer needs and request.
  • the specific sensors and characteristics are given upon request and applications.

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