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- Activated Carbon


For the purification of air and gases, we mostly use extruded (pressed pellets) or coarse granular activated carbon.

Typical applications for gases and air are:

  • Air purification and environmental protection

    • Removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and hydrocarbons

      • Paint booth

      • Storage tank ventilation

      • Dry cleaning

      • Solvent recovery

    • Odour control

    • Mercury(Hg), dioxin and other trace contaminants removal from flue gas

    • Groundwater remediation (air strippers, venting, tent ventilation)

    • Air conditioning units and cooker hoods

  • Purification of process gases

    • Siloxanes and hydrogensulphide (H2S) removal from biogas, such as:

      • Landfillgas

      • Sewage gas

      • Bio methane

    • Carbon dioxide purification

    • Fruit storage

    • Hydrogen (gas purification)

    • Hydrogen purification (PSA)

    • Mercury(Hg) removal from natural gas

    • Landfill gas

  • Removal of harmful and toxic substances for personnel and collective protection

    • Cigarettes

    • First responders

    • Gas masks and shelters

    • Nuclear power plants

  • Industrial catalyst applications

    • Cyanuric chloride production

    • Phosgene production and destruction

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